Development Products


Fine Powder Slurry

Fine Powder Slurry is our new product which distributes the fine powder silica of SYLYSIA, SYLOPHOBIC, etc. into a solvent.

It is the optimal product there is difficulty due to work environment, distribution, condensation, etc.

We will supply any grade of our fine powder products after having made it to slurry state to your requested specification.

Silica gel for bats

When a wooden bat becomes moist, its weight will change and the condition of the head will worsen. This can be prevented by storing the bat in a special sealed case or bag with a specialized silica gel.

This will maintain the bat at its optimal state.

Mr. Hiromitsu Ochiai used it for the first time, and he gained a triple crown for two consecutive years.

It has been using regularly for a lot of players since then such as famous Major Leaguers and Japanese professional baseball players both in Central and Pacific League. It is an indispensable item to the batter who uses a wooden bat.