SYLYSIA- Micronized particles with high porosity

Sylysia is characterized by large internal surface area with a large number of pores, forming a three dimensional structure by the silicate.

These properties are precisely controlled to meet a wide variety of applications.

The superior Sylysia properties are applicable in several major industries


Sylysia has been widely employed as a matting agent for all types of resin paints and has recently been proven useful in water-base paints. The matting characteristics are controlled directly by Sylysia introduced to the paint.

Use and its effects of Sylicia


Plastic films and sheets are often rolled or piled after final processing. These films tend to adhere to each other at the many points of contact; a phenomenon called blocking. Such blocking problems occur in various kinds of plastic films, and can be minimized by introducing Sylysia into the formulation.

High speed printing performance also suffers from similar problems. Wet ink printed on film, sheet, or paper transfers onto contact surfaces of other materials that are piled together. Sylysia has proven to be extremely effective in the prevention of ink transfer.


Sylysia has been widely used as a powderizing agent or carrier for liquid medicines, fragrances, vitamin oil, and many other products. Other applications include improvement of powder fluidity in tablet production, use as a coating agent, and as an additive in ointments and milky lotions.

Additional cosmetic applications include bath salts and related base cosmetics. Sylysia shows easy handling characteristics while stabilizing fragrance, hue, separation, adhesion, thickening, and fluidity.

Sylysia is also used in cream products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. A tailored, micronized silica, SYLOPURE, is used as a thickening and abrasive agent in toothpastes.


Sylysia is used in thinkening adhesive applications in resin, sealing components, along with many other products. Sylysia can act to increase adhesive strength and durability.

Sylysia can be used as an adhesive thickener to stabilize viscosity for longer shelf life.

In addition to its adhesion and thickening effects, Sylysia effectively prevents stickiness and separation while providing emulsifying stability in these applications. These effects are stable regardless of environmental changes.


Sylysia has been widely used to improve the printing performance of photographic printing onto Diaz sensitized paper, second traced paper, and photographic printing paper.

Additionally, there are applications for information recording paper such as electrostatic recording paper, sensitized paper, and impact paper. Sylysia is also applicable as a color-coated, paper-matting agent and as an anti-blocking agent for various kinds of paper as well.