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SYLOPHOBIC is a hydrophobic silica incorporating a poly-alkyl siloxane chemically reacted to its surface. It maintains the same characteristics as SYLYSIA such as large specific surface area, narrow particle size distribution, excellent dispersion and high oil absorption. It is most significant that SYLOPHOBIC imparts minimal viscosity impact with an affinity toward solvent-based system.


Excellent Hydrophobic Surface Properties

SYLOPHOBIC floats on water due to its hydrophobic functional group and is chemically bonded to organic silicone compounds, thus its surface properties keep it stable in spite of long-term storage. Furthermore, the hydrophobic surface characteristics improve the compatibility with resins and organic solvents.

Excellent Hydrophobic Surface Properties
Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

SYLOPHOBIC surface silanol chemically reacts with organic silicon compounds, thus it shows higher chemical resistance than untreated silica. It can be observed that the chemical change is smaller as demonstrated in the figure that the product which added SYLOPHOBIC into the formula for a long period of time. As seen in the left figures, it is obvious that SYLOPHOBIC shows minimal change for a long time in terms of chemical resistance compared with untreated silica at the same dose.



Dispersion condition : (Acrylic resin, Dosage 6wt%, Speed 1.8m/s for 5 min.) Due to the hydrophobic surface properties of SYLOPHOBIC, it exhibits excellent dispersibility in solvent-based paints.As seen in the above figures, SYLOPHOBIC exhibits excellent dispersibility in solvent-based paints compared with untreated silica.
Water resistance to industrial application is improved due to the hydrophobic surface characteristics of SYLOPHOBIC.
Some SYLOPHOBIC grades can be applied in the positive list which enables to apply into the food utensils, containers, and are accepted for packaging in Japan (Food Sanitation Law), FDA, EU, China, and so on. SYLOPHOBIC is widely applied into many industrial uses requiring food grades regulations.


Grade APS(μm) Laser method pH (5% slurry : Water:MeOH) Oil absorption (mL/100g) Food contact
SYLOPHOBIC 100 2.7 8 240 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 200 3.9 8 230 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 702 4.1 8 170 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 704 6.2 8 170 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 4004 8.0 8 165 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 507 2.7 8 110 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 505 3.9 8 110 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 603 6.7 6 50 ×
SYLOPHOBIC 120 2.7 8 240
SYLOPHOBIC 525 3.9 8 110
SYLOPHOBIC 4024 8.0 8 165
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