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SYLOSPHERE is a spherical, micronized, porous silica. The spherical shape ensures easy dispersion, high flowability, and other improved powder characteristics while maintaining the features of powder silica, providing features not found with conventional powder silica.


Excellent Dispersibility

SYLOSPHERE is characterized by its easy dispersion in solvents and resins. It prevents from aggregation. Furthermore, since the particle size distribution is also narrowly controlled, SYLOSPHERE gives the effective properties such as matting, anti-blocking and transparency for coating and plastic applications.

Excellent Dispersibility
Smooth Feeling and Anti-Scratch

Smooth Feeling and Anti-Scratch

Spherical properties of SYLOSPHERE is more effective than that of granular silica improving the “soft-touch” feeling of the film coating and provides scratch resistance.


Industrial Application

SYLOSPHERE has a narrow particle size distribution compared to granular micronized silica, thus it shows the high matting efficiency on paints. Additionally, its spherical properties can provide high scratching resistance and smoothness on the film coating.
SYLOSPHERE has the spherical shaped silica with the same superior property as SYLYSIA. It has higher efficiency for anti-blocking and scratch resistance than that of granular silica.


Grade APS(μm) Laser method pH (5% slurry) Pore volume (mL/g) Specific surface area (㎡/g) Oil absorption (mL/100g) Bulking value (mL/5g)
SYLOSPHERE C-1504 4.5 6.2 1.5 520 290 35
SYLOSPHERE C-1510 10.0 6.2 1.5 520 250 23
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