Silica enhances the quality of beer

The clear golden color, and the foam that makes one’s throat anticipate the drink, are a quality beer’s most obvious characteristics. This tempting color, as well as complete retention of original foam characteristics, are both achieved with silica.

SYLOPUTE, which was specially designed for application in foodstuffs, is used in numerous liquids such as alcoholic drinks, soy sauce, vinegar, and others.

An innovation in beverage purification the use of SYLOPUTE to remove undesirable substances from foodstuffs provides a simple and effective means of maximizing flavor and quality.

Sylopute is 100% non-crystalline, amorphous silica. Sylopute has been assigned the executive regulation of the Food Sanitation Law and Alcohol Tax Law in Japan. Under these laws, Sylopute is an acceptable filtration agent in the Japanese food industry. In addition, Sylopute meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Sylopute contributes to the improvement in quality in liquid food.

Sylopute demonstrates its power in the manufacturing process of liquid food, such as liquor, fermentation seasoning, soft drinks, and cooking oil. Sylopute also offers various use and effects, such as preventing turbidity of beer, sake, fruit wine, etc., lowering haze of wine, soy source, and soft drinks and improving form retention of beer. It is safe food additive filtration aid, which is necessary to manufacture excellent quality food.

Uses for liquid food

  1. Formation of secondary haze is suppressed which contributes to long-term preservation and stabilization.
  2. Very effective in removal of the small bud spores, bacillus, which remains by the hioti bacteria following typical filtration.
  3. Short contact time for efficient removal of detrimental ingredients, and various germs.
  4. Hydrophilic surface, properties, allow for easy distribution throughout the beer.
  5. High purity SiO2, and chemically inertness allow for small solubility properties.
  6. Because of insolubility, removal of Sylopute during the filtration process is made easy.


■ Liquor / Beer, White distilled Liquor, Sweet sake, Japanese sake, Fruit wine

■ Fermentation seasoning / Soy sauce, Vinegar

■ Soft drinks / Juice (fruit juice), Carbonated drinks

■ Cooking oil / Plant oil (Natane oil, Sesame oil, Corn oil)

■ Extracts for medicine / Extracts of Chinese medicine