Clarifying Agent, Filtration aid, Flavor Improvement

SYLOPUTE has characteristics of an amorphous, high purity silica offering extraordinarily specific impurity adsorption. Finely formed micropore substructures and surface characteristics give it all the advantages of xerogels and hydrogels, without the significant disadvantages. Specific SYLOPUTE grades were developed through a cooperative effort between Fuji Silysia Chemical and leading breweries in Japan.


Advantage of SYLOPUTE

・SYLOPUTE gives selective adsorption in liquid foods.

・SYLOPUTE does not effect on flavor, color, or foam retention characteristics.

・SYLOPUTE’S tight particle size distribution provides quick and easy filtration.

Advantage of SYLOPUTE
High Safety

High Safety

SYLOPUTE is synthetic amorphous silica. SYLOPUTE complies with the executive regulations of the Food Sanitation Act in Japan. SYLOPUTE is an authorized food additive as filter aids in the Japanese food industry. Additionally, SYLOPUTE meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, §172.480 Silicon dioxide)



・Alcoholic beverages

Beer: Clarification,  Sake: Clarification. flavor improvement, Wine: Clarification and Fruit liquor: Clarification


Soy sauce: Clarification, Vinegar: Clarification, Mirin: Clarification

・Soft drink

Juice (fruit juice): Removal of bitterness components and clarification, Coffee: Flavor improvement

Crude drug

Extraction of various Japanese and Chinese medicines, removal of impurities



Grade APS(μm) Laser method pH (5% slurry) Specific surface area (㎡/g) Shape
SYLOPUTE 230 16 3.5 700 Granular
SYLOPUTE 80 75~500 8.0 300 Spherical
SYLOPUTE 81 75~500 7.5 500 Spherical
SYLOPUTE 82 75~500 4.5 600 Spherical
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