Sylosphere – Spherical fine powder silica.

Fine powder silica used as a matting agent in paints and an anti-blocking addative in plastics has been used under the name of Sylysia for years. Furthermore, as in Sylysia, the adsorptive nature, viscosity, holding characteristics, and dispersivity characteristics are also found in Sylosphere. These functionalities are accentuated through the porous nature that is silica gel. We believe that coupled with the porous features of Sylysia, the spherical characteristics offered by Sylosphere will offer new possibilities and applications to applicable raw materials.

Sylosphere – Sylysia with spherical characteristics.

Sylosphere consists of single-distributed spherical silica gel particles with flat and smooth surfaces, giving features such as high mobility, and outstanding dispersivity.

Application to plastics

Fine powder silica gel has been widely used as an anit-blocking agent, and the inorganic, porous properties make Sylosphere excellent in the field of resins and films.

  1. Fine dispersibility and affinity with polymer.
  2. Sylosphere is amorphous, and transparency is high even if a refractive index adds almost equally to organic polymer.
  3. Fine chemical stability remains undisolved in contact with resins.
  4. Polymer is not denatured by catalyst action.
  5. Since Sylosphere is porous and can include polymer inside, interface adhesiveness with the resin polymer.

The spherical properties of Sylosphere give the following properties.

  • A smooth touch
  • High dispersively
  • Equality of a particle

・Various surface treatment grades are also available.

The uses of SYLOSHERE

■ Blocking prevention in plastics

■ Paper / ink receptiveness

■ Matting agent in paints

■ Cosmetics / perfume