Stabilized physical / chemical characteristic control
the polish and viscosity of toothpaste

Silica, in fact, is also used for toothpaste.

Stability of the polish, viscosity and the medicinal ingredients are essential to white teeth and a beautiful smile.

These properties are created through the silica in Sylopure.

The Features of Sylopure

Sylopure is a super powder silica used in toothpaste, and it was developed for use in any type of toothpaste, such that transparency, translucence, and opacity did not become a factor.

If Sylopure is used in the manufacturing process, toothpaste will contain the following advantages:

  1. The polish power required, washing power, cleaning power, and viscosity can be acquired through the use of different grades and concentrations of Sylopure.
  2. Since Sylopure harmonizes well with fluoride compounds, spices, and other active ingredients found in toothepaste, reactivity is not an issue. Sylopure can even be used with flavored toothpaste without affecting flavor.
  3. Sylopure keeps the density of toothpaste to a minimum and is more efficient than the conventional additives.
  4. Since the refractive index is only 1.46, Sylopure is applicable to both transparent and opaque toothpastes.
  5. Sylopure also excels the preservation, and stability of toothpaste, and has been approved by the U.S.FDA as a food additive.

Sylopure has no affect on transparency, translucence, and opacity

Sylopure was specially developed as a fine powder silica for toothpaste. Since purity is high, and Sylopure contains independent particles compared with the conventional sedimentation nature silica, polish power and viscosity changes are few. Furthermore, as a wetting agent, the porous nature of Sylopure gives toothpaste smaller density properties. Physical and chemical stabilization caused through the addition of Sylpure, raises the quality of toothpaste by leaps and bounds.

The use of sylopure

■ tooth-paste

■ cosmetics

■ bathing agent