1932 Started the manufacture and sale of sodium silicate under the company name of Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturer in Osaka.
1951 Established Fuji Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd. Began manufacturing silica gel and sold it on a nation-wide basis.
1957 Established Kozoji Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. at the site of the present head office (Kasugai Plant). Began manufacturing silica gel as its main product.
1961 Fuji Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd. Meika Industrial Ltd. and Takahashi Water Grass Mgf. Co., Ltd. merged into a new company, Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. Fuji Chemical Co, Ltd. acquired Keiso Chemical Laboratory (Head office in Nagoya).
1962 Established a silica gel manufacturing plant at Honai-cho, Nishiuwa-gun, Ehime-ken (Present Ehime plant).
1965 Separated the sodium silicate department from the silica gel department at Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. and transferred the business rights for the silica gel department to Yugen Kaisha Fuji. W. R. Grace & Co. Davison Chemical Divison and Yugen Kaisha Fuji each invested 50 percent of the capital and established Fuji Davison Chemical Ltd.
1984 Completed Hyuga plant for micronized silica.
1986 Completed the construction of the Technical Center/ Affiliated Companies building. Opened a sales office in Osaka and a branch office in Korea.
1993 Dissolved joint venture with W. R. Grace & Co. and re-established as Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd., a wholly owned Japanese company. Established a branch in U.S.A.

Certification under ISO9002.

Established Fuji Silysia Chemical USA Ltd.


Expansion of Hyuga plant.

Established Fuji Silysia Chemical S.A. in Switzerland.


Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. and Solvay.S.A. each invested 50 percent of the capital and established “SILYSIAMONT S.p.A.”

Completed Fuji Silysia Chemical USA plant for micronized silica.


Certification under ISO14001(Hyuga plant).

Completed SILYSIAMONT plant for micronized silica.

2005 Certification under ISO14001(Kasugai plant).
2006 Additional certification under ISO9001(Ehime plant).
2011 Established Fuji Silysia Chemical Representative Office in Philippines.
2014 Establish KYRAPHARM SAS in France as a joint venture with AXYNTIS SAS.