High performance environmentally conscious anti-corrosive pigment

Sylomask is free-flow white powder which fits for various types of paint systems.

Sylomask has optimum average particle size and distribution for easy dispersion to any paint systems.

The properties of Sylomask

  1. Sylomask brings better results on remarkable anti-corrosive effects than conventional anti-corrosive pigments, and the effects last longer period.
  2. There are no physical alterations on a painted film surface, because of Sylomask functioning by ion exchange to show anti-corrosive effect.
  3. As a characteristic property, Sylomask has an about half value of specific gravity comparing to the conventional anti-corrosive pigments. In addition, it has extremely large number of particle per unit weight; therefore, less additional amount (about a half) is required to perform anti-corrosiveness.

The applications of Sylomask

■ Paints for anti-corrosive application

■ INK application

■ Topcoat system