Fuji Silica Gel


In areas of high humidity silica gel is indispensable

Japan is a country with high temperatures, and an average humidity of 75% or greater throughout the year. For this reason, humidity damage control is becoming a large industrial concern. Fuji silica gel is a dry desiccant which aids in prevention of humidity damage.

Fuji silica gel is a humidity controlling desiccant with a large surface area.

Chemical stability and numerous micro pores allow Fuji silica gel to absorb water without damaging appearance of affecting other substances in a negative manner.

Fuji silica gel are manufactured at factories in japan, so you can use them with confidence in food and other products.

Fuji Silysia Chemical manufactures two standard types of silica gel (A and B) whose properties defer slightly in order to serve customer needs more precisely.

Fuji silica gel A type (Japanese Industrial Standard)

Fuji silica gel A type has a large surface area and micro pores which hold water and other liquids. The A type gel has excellent adsorption capacities at low relative humidity for keeping materials dry.

Fuji silica gel B type (JIS)

Fuji silica gel B is better suited for maintaining medium humidity. Though bulk density is 0.5 and surface area is smaller than type A, B type gel has larger water adsorption capacities in high humidity circumstances.

Fuji silica gel F type (Cobalt-free)

Fuji silica gel F type is an indicating gel, which as moisture is adsorbed, gradually changes color from green to pink to yellow.

The features of Fuji silica gel

  1. Highly pure, porous, amorphous silicon dioxide:(SiO2)
  2. Large internal surface area
  3. Chemically inert and insoluble exception in HF and in the presence of strong bases
  4. Non-deliquescence, Non-corrosive, water insoluble.
  5. Appears and feels dry even when saturated with water

The uses of Fuji silica gel

■ For home use / Dry or prevention of moisture for food, medical supplies, photograph material, a dried flower, garments, shoes, a pianos, etc.,

■ For industrial use / Prevention of moisture for precision apparatus, exports, preservation of boiler, the connection part of a telephone cable, etc.,

■ For Industry / Dryness of various liquids, such as coolant, an organic solvent, insulated oil. Refining of gas and air, such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, carbon dioxide, acetylene gas, natural gas.

■ Others / Cat litter, filter of a cigarette, an aromatic etc.,

Fuji silica gel for home use