Super Inergy


“The seedling is half the crop” As it is said from ancient times,
the production of rice begins with the growing of seedlings.
Silicate is the most important factor in the cultivation of healthy seedlings.

Paddy rice needs a lot of silicate until it is harvested. This makes it a silica acid plant.

Silica acid is especially important to the growth of a seedling. If the environment makes it easier to adsorb silica acid, the seedling will adsorb two to three times more silica during its growth. Super Inergy is the new silicate fertilizer (silica gel fertilizer) that increases the possibility of producing fine seedlings.

The feature of Super Inergy

  1. Our high purity silica acid fertilizer contains 90% or more soluble silicate.
  2. Super Inergy has a pH of 4.0 – 6.0. This is optimal for seedling cultivation and does not contain any impurities.
  3. Even if used in excess, there are no concerns with high concentration levels. Instead, seedling quality will improve with the greater amount used.
  4. Photosynthesis activity has been shown to raise with the use of Super Inergy.

  5. Since it facilitates rooting, the formation of a mat improves. This provides smooth transplantation or better rooting after rice planting.

Please consult with a National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations or local Agricultural Extension Center about the detailed usage.