Fuji Home Gel


Fuji Home Gel Innovative humidity control for the residents of Japan.

The mainstream residents of Japan abide in homes where the underlying structure is composed of wood. High humidity causes termites and mold to attack the underlying wooden structures giving rise to several problems which threaten a home owner’s ability to properly maintain his house.

Fuji home gel controls the moisture at the bottom of a floor and prevents from mold, which grows in an environment when the relative humidity is over 90%.

Fuji home gel keeps the humidity well below this 90% critical point, thereby improving the life span of the supporting structures beneath the floors. Although Fuji home gel adsorb moisture in a high humidity state, it also has the function of releasing moisture if the humidity decreases.

The humidity function continues over a long period of time and can protect one’s home for years to come.

Home silica
(Type for under floor)
Construction example of Home silica
Fuji home gel
(Type for under floor)
Construction example of Fuji home gel

Humidification effect

Fuji home gel will start absorbing moisture when the humidity around it rises. On the other hand, when the humidity lowers, it exhales the absorbed moisture. This respiratory action is repeated according to the humidity around, keeping the humidity environment under the floor good. The silica gel used in Fuji home gel has a very high moisture absorption and release capacity and shows 6 to 8 times the moisture absorption capacity compared to general charcoal.